slash 2 Esports

Twitch and Social media data solutions
for teams, brands, and agencies

Why Slash 2?

  • No More Manual Data Entry

    Instead of gathering and compiling each team members data individually, we supply the compiled data to you in a easy to use dashboard.
  • Quickly View Team Performance

    Manage your players streaming goals. Set goals for each of your players and easily track their goals on our dashboard. At a glance you will be able to determine who reached their hours streamed goal this month, even with a 100 person team.
  • Data for Sponsors/Investors

    View your teams data at any date range. If your team is running a special promotion with one of your sponsors you can select the date range of that promotion and easily report out watch hours and unique impressions. Easily report out monthly team data to investors, ongoing sponsors, and potential new sponsors.
  • Team Audits

    We work with your team as a 3rd party to understand how your team's viewers talk about your sponsors. Making small changes to the streamers overlays, bios, bot calls, can make big changes in impressions/conversions.

  • Campaign Set-Up and Strategy

    If you are uncertain about which streamers have an audience that best matches yours, allow us to scan through their chat logs to determine the viewers likes and dislikes. We have seen hundreds of campaigns on Twitch, we can help you develop a campaign strategy that increases viewer participation and acquisition.
  • Twitch Chat Analysis

    How many times has your product been asked about or mentioned? We collect that information and track what actions on stream cause viewers to interact and inquire about your brand. We also track the sentiment surrounding your brand, which can allow you to make changes mid campaign to your strategy.
  • Track Data on Activations Only

    Using image and audio recognition software we pinpoint when your streamers/influencers plug the sponsored product. This allows us to track the data and chat specifically that links only to your product. This also allows you to be more hands off with the streamers, and collect data without asking them to interrupt their stream.
  • Reporting

    Have a continuously updating dashboard throughout your campaign to be able to report out accurate data at any time.



Measure stream and social media data. View changes in performance over time and be updated with data that matters to sponsors and investors.


Keep an eye on your streamers monthly data. If you are a brand or agency get links directly to your streamers activations, so you can view the the relevant part to your campaign.


Provide secure access to updated information on your organization or export directly via CSV, to track stream data against conversions.